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Furniture Material and Manufacturing

Our furniture collection has been in development for 20 years. Currently our pieces are made with 3 different manufacturers. While one is catching up on the 'Cradle-to-Cradle' philosophy, we continue to collaborate on our findings concerning future materials and processes. Another makes all of our slab furniture by hand in an off-grid solar-powered shop on a mountainside in Montana. Each piece is made-to-order based on selected slabs and availability. Every effort is made to source slabs which are recycled or scavenged from naturally fallen trees or trees at risk. In some cases, we can offer non-toxic finishes, but we advise our clients that they come with greater weaknesses than conventional finishes. We encourage any inquiry regarding the sustainability practices employed in the manufacture of our furniture since they vary from piece to piece. In some instances, we can give you the whole history of the tree's life!

Rug Material and Manufacturing

We currently offer two lines of rugs:

  • Hand-knotted rugs which are made in Nepal. They carry the Rugmark “Good Weave” third-party certification guaranteeing the social equity of our business with these extraordinary craftsmen. Furthermore, the water from these remote dye-houses is treated and filtered before entering the environment.
  • Hand-tufted rugs line, manufactured in the USA of all natural fibers and also have the availability to be offered in sustainable fibers like bamboo.

All of our rugs are Recyclable and Reclaimable.

Linens Material and Manufacturing

Our linens are made of very fine quality cotton in Italy. The finishing process uses only non-chlorine bleach. Our distinctive embroideries are added locally in the New York area. Every set of linens is custom made-to-order and available in several color and fabric options. We are currently offering undyed, unbleached, minimally finished sateen fabric the color of cream in our own signature weaves. Because of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have the added capability to offer a certified organic fabric available in our bed and bath collections.

Custom Casegoods Manufacturing

Our casegoods collection is manufactured in the USA. Our materials are all solid wood and exotic veneers, and finishes are available in catalyzed lacquers, natural wood oils, and aniline dyes depending on the species specified. Many of our designs require CDC machinery to achieve and the limitations on design ideas are unlimited as a result. We also offer hand carving details on many of our pieces and can produce any type of carving required by a project.




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